First Steps


Yep, you need to do that :)

auto first post, and comment

when you join Jaiku an automatic post using the "V-fingers" icon with the Text "Joined Jaiku" is posted to your stream.
At this point you can click the "add Comment" link and add a comment to your post.

Comments are limited to 2000 characters per comment, and you can use most of MarkDown's syntax

second post

To create a new Jaiku post, click on the "Home" link and start typing. Note you have 140 characters for your message, but if you need more you can alsways add a comment.

You can add an icon to your post from the available selection.

What's next?

Once you have tried that you can check out the #test channel (note that entering a hash character makes a link to that channel in both jaiku's and comments). And experiment there to your hearts content

Next you might want to check out channels